ProSport Cup Holder Power Inverter

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Perfect for the on-board or on-the-road active user who needs to convert 12 Volt battery power to 110V AC. While on the water or in your car, provide instant AC power for laptops, cell phone chargers, radios, portable TVs, lighting, fax machines, camcorders, small power tools, and more.

  • Converts 12 Volt Power to 110V AC up to 150 Watts
  • Recharge and Power Portable Electronics - Power devices from your car, RV, camper and more
  • On the Road Power - Use with digital cameras, MP3 players, game consoles portable DVD players, laptops, TVs and more
  • Extruded Aluminum Case
  • Universal Cupholder Design
  • High Surge Capacity
  • Power / Status LED Indicators
  • Standard 110V AC Receptacle
  • Output Short and Input Polarity Protection
  • Low Battery Shutdown
  • Over Temperature and Overload Protection
  • Surge Capacity: 250 W
  • Input: 12V DC
  • Output: 110V AC
  • Frequency: 60 Hx
  • Cable Length: 3 feet