The Details on Selling Gear

  1. Fill out the form on the Sell My Gear page
  2. Once we receive your submissions we will reply back with any more info we may need
  3. You will then pay for your post. Pricing is as follows:
    Sell Price Cost of Post
    0-50 $5
    51-100  $10
    101-500  $20
    501-1,000 $50
    over 1,000 $100
  4. We will then post your item on the site, mention on Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Your item will run on the website until you let us know its been sold
  6. You are responsible for delivery of your item once it is sold
  7. All posts will show a potential buyer your preferred method of communication i.e email, text, or phone 
  8. If a potential buyer selects the item on our website we will send them your contact info so you can close the sale
  9. We will not accept payment on your behalf, we are only helping you sell your item
  10. You may ask us to boost your post which is a one time fee of $25 dollars. We will target a select audience on our social media platforms who best fit your product demographic. You may choose to boost your post only once a week
  11. You may edit the price of your item at any time. Just contact us by email with your item #.