Fish-N-Map Apache/Canyon/Saguaro

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  • Apache Reservoir, Canyon Reservoir, and Saguaro Reservoir
  • Printed on a waterproof, tear-resistant plastic
  • Folds to 3"x4", Unfolds to 3'x2'
  • Features:
  • 3 Reservoirs on one map
  • 10-foot underwater depth contours
  • Numerous suggested fishing locations with GPS coordinates provided
  • Fish Strategy included for all three reservoirs
  • Latitude and Longitude Grids Shown
  • GPS Quick Look Scaler
  • Artificial Fish Habitat Structures on Apache Lake Identified
  • Submerged brush and rock identified
  • Underwater channels identified
  • Boat ramp, road, campgrounds, and facilities identified
  • Made in the U.S.A.